The View At the Palm

Dubai has several attractions that define its generosity, but one of them that has captured several imagination is the Palm Tower on Palm Jumeirah. A prodigious skyscraper and pride of Dubai, this structure is the dwelling place of commercial and residential spaces. If you mistake this as merely a tower, you are in for a slip. The crowning stroke of the Palm Tower is the opening of its observatory deck: The View at the Palm. Opened last year in April, the deck sits atop the 52nd floor and offers a spectacle of the townscape, especially the Palm Jumeirah.

The View is a captivating manufactured wonder meant for people who love to envision the changing hues of the city from the zenith. Located 240 meters above Palm Jumeirah, the experience can be counted as both informational and stimulating. Not only do you immerse your senses to catch the glory of Palm Jumeirah, but you can also focus their vision on Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline. The View Exhibition is also a great way to spend time with interactive aquarium tunnels, floor mapping, and the entire history behind this landmark.

Highlights Of The View At The Palm Dubai

the view palm jumeriah
52nd Floor Observation Deck

Dubai has several manufactured wonders making it a place hugely attractive for visitors. The View at the Palm Dubai is one such instance that has been made to cater to the pulse of visitors. The huge structures, the irresistible skylines, and the formation at the Palm Jumeirah can be best seen and applauded from certain viewpoints. The View observation deck is situated on the 52nd floor of the Palm Tower. The View is a great name because it is synonymous with phenomenal views from a viewpoint. The unwinding process begins when you set your eyes on the iconic Palm Jumeirah, the Arabian Sea, and the skyline. It is surely a life-changing experience once you reach level 52.

the view palm jumeriah
54th Floor Next Level

Going up to the next level top offers singular views, and the kindness will sway you off your feet. The views are unhindered by any barriers, and the viewing platform is a blockade-free zone offering unimpeded views taking you all around the horizon of Dubai. The next level, as the name implies, is a step ahead of the usual fares as it provides unhindered views meant to relax, rejuvenate and capture memories that last. The next level comes with separate pricing and is slightly expensive, but it will be worth the experience.

the view palm jumeriah
The Lounge

When you are at a bewildering location meant for a luxuriating experience to calm your sense of rush, it is a must to enjoy a delicious meal and drinks. After a view from the pinnacle, you deserve some food therapy because being there will excite you so much that you will not abstain from having a ball of a time. To amplify your experience at the View at the Palm Dubai, you must indulge in this extravagant lounge experience. The swanky place located 240 m above the ground level has sumptuous meals and glistening drinks to go with your good. You can munch on the great food and enjoy the magnificent views simultaneously.

the view palm jumeriah
Smart Edu-tainment

It is certain that when you are here, you will not be able to stop talking about the architectural marvel of the place. The View is not just a vantage point, it also has its own identity of being a towering personality that interacts with its audience. On your visit here, a visitor is not just having a great time enjoying the views but also sinking in the amount of information received. The locale has interactive exhibitions which guide the visitor through the technicalities of the place. It is through the intake of rich knowledge and wisdom that you will love the place exponentially.

Xline Zipline Dubai
Extreme Thrills

Would you want a flying experience over the eminent Palm Jumeirah? No one can say no to Extreme Thrills, a blazing zip-line that is regarded as the longest in Dubai when done. Feel like a free bird, fly to great heights, and sense nirvana when you are right on top, over the structure admiring it. If standing at the next level, 54 is an enigmatic experience, and the zip line is an addition to the gratifying experience.

Know Before You Go For The View At the Palm Dubai

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Facts Of The View At The Palm
View at the Palm

Location and Opening Hours:

The Palm Tower is connected to Nakheel Mall. It is just 7 minutes from Sheikh Zayed Road and 35 minutes away from the International Airport. The location is a prime zone in Dubai, close to Dubai’s important business areas and leisure attractions. The public transportation network in Dubai is convenient, well spread, and connected, allowing for easy navigation between different parts of the city.

Also, note important timings:

  • Sunday to Wednesday: 10:00 AM to 11:00 PM (final entry at 10:00 PM)
  • Thursday to Saturday: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM (final entry at 11:00 PM)

Best Time to Visit:

The View is great to visit anytime, any day, for the numerous experiences lined up for visitors. But if you are inclined to enjoy splendid sunset views, the best time to visit is during the prime hours when the sunset skyline expresses orange hues between 4 pm and 7 pm. If crowds are not what you expect, you can head up to The View on weekdays between 10 AM and 3.30 PM. At 7.30 PM, the venue for viewing shuts down.

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